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David Hendley's DVD video series is called "Extrude It! Getting the Most From Your Clay Extruder". The videos cover all aspects of using the clay extruder. Volume I deals with extrusions used as handles, feet, and additions, Volume II covers two-part dies that produce hollow extrusions, and Volume III demonstrates using extrusions for building components as well as the expansion box for large extrusions. Buy each volume individually, or order the whole set for a special price.


     Read a review of the EXTRUDE IT! video series by Charles Moore at the Paragon Kilns website.


Order all three volumes of the EXTRUDE IT! DVD series for a special set price, and receive the music CD, "Music To Extrude By", by The Extrudinaires, as an added bonus. The CD is the perfect companion when extruding, doing other jobs in the pottery shop, or working around the house.


To order a DVD, pay through PayPal by clicking an "Add to Cart" button below, or send payment to:

Old Farmhouse Pottery

232 County Road 1805

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"Extrude It! Getting the Most From Your Clay Extruder"

Volumes I, II, and III are $40, plus $3 postage, each.

SUPER SPECIAL OFFER! Buy the three-volume set for $105 ($35 for each DVD) and receive the bonus music CD, "Music To Extrude By", as well as free shipping - a savings of $40.50.


For DVD and CD orders, these prices are valid for international orders, but payment must be in U.S. dollars. The free shipping offer is valid only for orders shipped within the continental United States via U.S.P.S. "Media Mail". Shipping via "Priority Mail", or to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or foreign addresses (First Class International) is $5 - be sure to click on the "Foreign order shipping" button when ordering. Thanks!


EXTRUDE IT! DVD Volume I      $40 plus $3 shipping



EXTRUDE IT! DVD Volume III     $40 plus $3 shipping


EXTRUDE IT! DVD Volume II      $40 plus $3 shipping



EXTRUDE IT! DVDs - All three volumes, plus the music CD "Music To Extrude By"     $105 with free shipping to continental U.S. addresses. If you are outside the U.S., DO NOT click here - see the button below for foreign shipping.



(Foreign order shipping) EXTRUDE IT! DVDs - All three DVD volumes, plus the music CD "Music To Extrude By", $105 plus $5 shipping to addresses outside the continental U.S., or for "Priority Mail" shipping within the continental U.S.


"Music To Extrude By", the CD by David Hendley and friends features 7 songs from the new video "EXTRUDE  IT! Getting the Most From Your Clay Extruder". For a copy of the CD, click the "Add to Cart" button below or send $15 plus $1.50 postage to:

Old Farmhouse Pottery

232 County Road 1805

Rusk, Texas  75785

Or, receive it as a FREE BONUS with the purchase of the 3 Volume DVD set.



    If you are interested in clay extruding, join the YAHOO clay extruding group!

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"The Cobalt Blues" is available as both a CD single and a DVD music video. The CD was published by Trinity Ceramic Supply in February 2005, and also includes their catalog of ceramic materials and supplies. For a copy click an "Add to Cart" button below, or send $2 plus $1 postage (CD) or $5 plus $1 postage (DVD) to Old Farmhouse Pottery, 232 County Road 1805, Rusk, Texas  75785.

Cobalt Blues music CD    

Cobalt Blues DVD video 


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David Hendley writes the "Around the Firebox" column for Clay Times magazine. See the Clay Times website at www.claytimes.com.

David Hendley was a Charter Member of the Potters Council of The American Ceramic Society. For more information on Potters Council programs and benefits, see http://www.ceramicartsdaily.org/potterscouncil/


Some of the many faces of David Hendley: potter, wizard, scholar, politician, musician, pottery czar, and super-hero, able to leap tall kilns in a single bound, often doing the work of four potters at once!





1. HAMLET Act III, scene 1   2. MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Act II, scene 2   3. HENRY VI Part 1 Act I, scene 5

4. JULIUS CAESAR Act 3, scene 1   5. HENRY V Prologue   6. HAMLET Act 1, scene 3   7. AS YOU LIKE IT Act III, scene 5